Friday, December 12, 2014

Susja's Midnight Meeting: FREE This Weekend!

Hello, hoppers!

This week's My Sexy Saturday theme is early morning shtupping. If midnight qualifies as early morning, then Susja's Midnight Meeting fits perfectly. This taboo short is smoking hot and, better yet, it's FREE today at Amazon!

Amazon UK:

He’s not just a professor at her university—he’s also a close family friend. If anyone found out they were sleeping together, Susja’s parents would throw a fit and Randeep would face professional humiliation! But how can they resist? They live under the same roof.

Susja has a secret fantasy Randeep knows nothing about…

He thinks she’s dreaming of another man while she’s in bed with him. But it’s not another person Susja secretly desires—it’s another place: a place that’s hot, wet and dangerously public. Will the professor risk everything to fulfil her wildest wish?

Brace yourselves. Here come seven sexy paragraphs from Susja and Randeep's lustful tale:

I snapped back to reality, feeling his erection throbbing inside my swollen cunt. “Huh?”

The muscles in Uncle Randeep’s arms twitched. “Who is he?”

“Who is who?”

“You close your eyes when I get inside you.” Uncle Randeep trapped my body under his. “Who do you think about, Susja? Some boy from school? Are you pretending my cock is his?”

“It’s nobody, Uncle. I’m not thinking of anybody.” How could he imagine I’d want to be with any man but him, even in my mind? “It isn’t another man.”
“What is it, then?” He rolled off me and his erection tented the sheet. “Are you bored? What?”

“How could I ever be bored with you, Uncle? Our love is forbidden! Is there anything more exciting in the whole world? If we ever got caught like this…” I crawled on top of his body, straddling his hips, letting my bare breasts wave above his lips. “Well, you know what would happen.”

Amazon UK:

Friday, November 28, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Our Taboo Secret

There's a new taboo box set on the block, and it contains a BRAND NEW, never-before-published story I wrote.  If you like sleep sex and you like virgins who want their sexy daddies, well, have I got a taboo tale for you!

Seven paragraphs from Seducing Daddy in his Sleep:

Did Jim know she was a virgin? They never talked about sex. Could men sniff out these things? She’d always wondered about that. How could men tell a virgin from a whore?

Maybe she’d never know how the male mind worked, but right now she was more interested in how the phallus functioned. Of course she knew the science behind arousal. She’d read in textbooks how the penis became engorged, and how the vagina grew swollen and wet to accommodate the largeness of an erection.

But a book couldn’t convey how it felt when a man’s cock surged between her legs. The only way to find out was to do it. And tonight she would, at long last.

Climbing on the bed, Jacinda kneeled beside her step-father, in the space between his arm and his outstretched leg. He didn’t react to the dip in the mattress—he didn’t wake up, that is to say. His cock reacted. She noticed that right away. It leapt, like it was wondering where her hand had gone.

She felt a little nervous about touching him again. He might wake up, and she wavered constantly on whether she wanted that to happen. It all depended how he might react. She didn’t want to get in trouble for touching him in his sleep, but what if he wasn’t mad? What if he wanted it too? What if he showed her how it was done, sweetly and gently? She knew she could trust him.

Tentatively, she reached for his cock. It seemed to sense her there, because it flew into her palm like magic. Jim sighed as her fingers closed around his shaft, but this time Jacinda didn’t jump away. She held him tighter, feeling the heat from his skin and the pulse of his vital energy filling his erection.

A shimmering droplet of liquid spilled from the centre of his tip, and Jacinda dabbed at it with her finger. She tasted it, out of simple curiosity. It tasted somewhat sweet. With her thumb, she rubbed more of the liquid around his swollen cockhead and he groaned. Jacinda had heard that noise before. It was the same sound her step-father made whenever he stretched in the morning. He moved his body slightly, but his eyes didn’t flutter. He was still fast asleep.

Our Taboo Secret is only $0.99 for a limited time only, so grab it fast! Banned by pretty much every retailer except:

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Friday, November 7, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Don't Even Think About It!

Brace yourself, because things are about to get dirty!

It's My Sexy Saturday, and that means 7 paragraphs from my new release: Don't Even Think About It! (It's Too Taboo!)  This book brings you THREE erotic shorts of the forbidden variety--two about a girl gettin' it on with her mom's new boyfriend and one where a big beautiful young woman finds a fast friend in her BFF's divorced daddy!

This excerpt comes from the first story, Showering With My Dirty Daddy, and features Molly in the shower with her mother's boyfriend Lars. Careful--it's hot!!!

When he held me under the shower like that, I thought my knees would give out. My belly pressed right up against him, so his soapy cock met my naked skin. His fingers found my clit no problem, and he played with me the way I’d been playing with myself earlier. It felt totally different when he did it. Felt wrong, for starters. So wrong…

“Daddy,” I whispered. “Oh, you’re gonna make me come.”

“Already?” he asked.

“Well, I was close before.”

“I know.” He set his mouth against my ear and spoke over the hiss of the shower. “I could see it on your face.”

“Oh!” The idea of my mother’s boyfriend watching me as I touched myself just about gave me an orgasm. “I can’t believe you came down here to spy on me.”

“I didn’t.” His cock throbbed against my belly before he spun me around, slamming my chest to the slick shower wall. “I came down here to fuck you.”

Don't Even Think About It! is currently available for the introductory price of $0.99 at Amazon and Smashwords. BANNED BY APPLE! Grab it now:

Amazon UK:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Don't Even Think About It! (It's Too Taboo!)

Don't Even Think About It!

If you love forbidden fiction, don't go looking for it from iTunes. My latest collection of HOT STUFF has been BANNED BY APPLE!

Here's what they've got to say about it:

Apple has rejected Don’t Even Think About It (It’s Too Taboo!) for the following reason:

Prohibited Explicit or Objectionable Content
Books must not contain prohibited explicit or objectionable content, which includes but is not limited to:
1. Depiction (photo or drawing) of a child in a sexual situation, even without contact.
2. Photographs of penetrative sex, oral/genital contact, or genitals.
3. Textual encouragement to commit a crime (e.g. books supporting, encouraging or defending rape, pedophilia, incest, or bestiality or books detailing how to commit a sexual crime).
4. Photographic content intended for the sole purpose of sexual arousal.
5. Excessively objectionable or crude content.

Well, well... there are no characters under the age of 18 in this book. There are no drawings or photos of anything at all. I'm not encouraging anyone to commit any crimes (and nobody in this book does anything illegal), so I suppose my writing must simply be excessively crude and objectionable.

Isn't that a shame?

Fortunately for those of you who appreciate erotica about legal adults fucking their moms' boyfriends or best friends' fathers, you can very easily buy my new book from a number of other retailers. Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Amazon UK:

Almost forgot to mention: for a limited time only, Don't Even Think About It will be available for $0.99 at select retailers (Amazon and Smashwords). So get on it!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New! Pregnant by the Professor: The First Time Fertility Experiment

Professor Franco isn’t like other lecturers on campus. Tweed jackets? Corduroys? Nope, not for him. His tailored suits and fine Italian shoes make all the girls swoon.

When the handsome professor needs a student to assist in his fertility experiment, there’s only one girl in the lecture hall who can help. That’s Valerie—with a capital V. The professor must go where no man has gone before, all in the name of science!

But how will Valerie feel when she has to perform her duties… in front of the entire class?

An erotic fertility short by Lexi Wood. 

Now Available to buy or borrow from
Also from

Friday, September 12, 2014

Calling All Lovers of Student-Teacher Sex!

Schoolgirls. College girls. Plaid skirts. Older men.

There isn't much more to say about Teach Me! except that it's a box set that contains a bunch of my stories, along with sexy tales by Jade K. Scott, Giselle Renarde and Cami Ayers.

Since we're all about characters who won't let anything stand in the way of their lust as this week's My Sexy Saturday theme, I'll be highlighting 7 paragraphs from My Sexy Teacher, My First Time. It's a story about a total dickwad with Elvis hair taking advantage of a barely-legal virgin from his science class.


He helped me off with my panties, and the moment I caught my image in the mirror, dressed in nothing but knee socks and my clunky Mary Janes, a flush shot through my cheeks and halfway down my chest. I covered my breasts with one arm and cupped my other hand around my crotch. The idea of Mr. Lindbeck seeing the unruly thatch of hair down there was absolutely mortifying.

“It’s all right,” he said, chuckling warmly as he took hold of my wrist. “Are you embarrassed about your pussy, Miss Andrews?”

That naughty word, pussy, made my breath catch. I couldn’t believe he’d just said it, like he had no shame.

Mr. Lindbeck could have snapped me like a twig. That much I knew. So when he shifted my hand away from my crotch, I let him.

“Very good,” he said.

My heart filled with the honey drizzle sweetness of his voice. When he took hold of my other hand and shifted my arm away from my breast, I didn’t argue. He was right. I’d asked for this. I’d told him I loved him. This was love.

Leaning over me as he held both my wrists against the table, Mr. Lindbeck smiled. He said, “My God, Miss Andrews, you have a very pretty pussy. Very pretty indeed.”

Smut at its finest!

Teach Me! is now available at the promotional introductory price of $0.99 at
Amazon UK:
Amazon Canada:

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's My Sexy Saturday with Caged. Captured. Confined.

Another Saturday, another My Sexy Saturday! And what's on tap today? Oh, it's a great little box set for which I so kindly provided the bonus story:

Caged. Captured. Confined.: The Illicit Romance Reader’s Dark BDSM Collection
by Alpha Dom, Angel Wild, Giselle Renarde, Lexi Wood

I picked an excerpt of seven sentences from an interesting story in the collection called "When I Get You Alone in a Secluded Shed" by Alpha Dom. It's so interesting because it's written in the second person. You don't see that too often!

Ready? Here they come...

“You're cruel,” you say. “You’re a cruel, cruel master.”

Would a cruel master take your shoulders firmly in his grip and plant an eager kiss on your lips? You mustn’t think me so cruel as before, because your naked body melts into mine like you’ve found your salvation.

You whimper when my lips leave yours, which is merely a sign that you don’t trust me as much as you should. Because I’ve only stopped kissing you to lick your body all over, starting at your long, beautiful neck. I lick you there and you gasp, but not as loudly as you gasp when I find your breasts with my tongue.

Until September 15th 2014 you can grab a copy of Caged. Captured. Confined.: The Illicit Romance Reader’s Dark BDSM Collection for only $0.99!

Not much more to say but here are some places you can buy it:
Amazon UK:
Amazon Canada:
Amazon Australia:
Amazon Germany:
All Romance Ebooks:

Friday, August 22, 2014

#MySexySaturday In the Pool - At the Office - In Bed with Uncle Larry

Wondering about this week's "My Sexy Saturday" theme?  Here it is:
What happens to your wonderful characters that you’ve created? Do they retreat silently into the sunset? Do they get more exposure in the next book of your series? This is our thoughts on what happens to those special characters once the story appears to be over.

So I guess it's fitting that I have a series box set to showcase today.

When I wrote the first story about Theresa and her uncle Larry surrendering to temptation (they're not blood relatives, in case you care about that sort of thing), I knew I wouldn't stop at just one. Their relationship was too taboo. Theresa's taking care of Larry's kids because his wife ran off.  She's younger and he's older, but they're living together and raising two boys. It just happens.

Read 7 paragraphs from the first story, In the Pool with Uncle Larry:

Too bad Uncle Larry didn’t take his top off more often—he was fit, no question. Did Theresa really just have that thought? Did she really just think to herself, “Wow, my uncle’s got a hot body”? She knew she did, and she couldn’t erase it. You can’t un-think a thought like that.

“What happened to your bathing suit?” He asked. He was looking at her breasts, obviously trying not to, but… yeah, he was pretty much staring at them.

“Sorry. It was in the basement, and that place is scary at night.”

Uncle Larry smiled. “Yeah.”

“I just wanted some time to myself.”

“Oh. Oh…” He inched toward the edge of the pool. “And here I am, spoiling your fun.”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.” She hopped through the water, grabbing his wrist. A spark passed between them, and she knew he’d felt it too by the little noise his throat made. She held his wrist even tighter, wanting to keep him in the pool despite her shameful nudity. “I just meant that I’m always watching the boys. I felt like going for a swim alone, when I didn’t have to watch them. Don’t you ever need a minute to yourself?”

You can buy the box set from
Amazon UK:
And in print from

Keep on hopping!

Friday, August 15, 2014

You NEED To Buy This! (because it's free and I didn't write it...)

I hate Cheri Verset SO MUCH for stealing this idea I swear I totally had even though I didn't tell anybody about it or write it down. I've authentically had this great idea in my little puppet brain for like... years!

But I didn't write the book and she did, so I might as well applaud the bitch for it, right?

Now until Sunday you can get Cheri's erotic CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE book "Choose Your Own Fantasies: Steamy Elevator Office Spanking" for NOTHING. Not only did she steal my idea, but now she's just giving it away? Why I oughta...

YOU DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - A story like you've never seen before, INTERACTIVE FICTION goes naughty!

The story begins with beautiful and overworked Kari going home after a dreadful day at the office. But what happens then? Does she get trapped in the elevator with the dreamy supervisor Forbes, or will the rugged janitor seduce her? And then what?

There are a DOZEN possible outcomes and you get to decide EVERYTHING!

This gamebook addresses multiple kinks, from sweet to intense to taboo. You can read this book multiple times and get a different outcome every time.

Adults only. 16,500 words

Get it at Amazon if you want to support the woman who reached inside my shiny metal brain andscooped out an idea I swear I was going to use in the next 20-30 years:

Who Would? Lexi Wood!

Friday, August 1, 2014

#MySexySaturday Opening Night with Starlet's Daddy

Maria's a curvaceous young woman whose dream of becoming an actress has been dashed by rude casting directors. Meanwhile, her childhood friend Sally-Jo has moved to Hollywood and changed her name to Starlet. But Maria doesn't know that. When she's accidentally invited to attend the "premiere" of Starlet's first made-for-TV movie, she naturally goes to the house where she thinks Sally-Jo still lives. Nobody's home but her friend's (surprisingly sexy) father.

Sometimes a girl can fall for a much older man...

This week's My Sexy Saturday topic is sexy love. Maria and Perry have sure got that. Here are seven paragraphs from Opening Night with Starlet's Daddy (alternate title: Opening Night at Starlet's House):

“Oh my god, you jerk!” She punched his shoulder playfully. “I can’t believe you would bring that up.”

“So you know what I’m talking about, then?”

“Yes.” She grabbed another handful of chips. “That time when I was maybe nine or ten and Sally-Jo and I were rehearsing some dance down here and I went at it hardcore and threw up all over your rug.”

“That’s right,” he said, in a sing-songy voice. “And you were crying your little eyes out, you were so ashamed.”

Maria felt a slice of that shame all over again. “Anyway…”

“I’m sorry.” Without taking his eyes off the TV screen, Sally-Jo’s father found Maria’s thigh with his hand. He squeezed it and shook her leg, then reached forward to bring the bowl of barbeque rings into his lap.

That squeeze was such an innocuous little action, but it made Maria feel… oh, it was hard to describe… like her belly was swirling around and around, sending tingles down to her toes and out to her fingers. She clutched the stem of her wine glass a little harder, and then harder still, until she worried she might snap it in two.

Opening Night with Starlet's Daddy is available from:

Amazon UK:*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Amazon Canada:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Friday, June 6, 2014

#MySexySaturday Showering With My Dirty Daddy

Oh, this one is filthy!

My Sexy Saturday's current theme is characters who take charge.

In my new ebook "Showering With My Dirty Daddy," Molly's mother's boyfriend Lars really knows how to control a situation.  When they watch a very sensual movie together, Molly gets so turned on she has to touch herself in the shower. And what does Lars do?  Well, he joins her, of course!

Here are seven paragraphs from "Showering with my Dirty Daddy:"

Circling his arm around my hip, he pulled me forward. “I love a shaved pussy.”

When he held me under the shower like that, I thought my knees would give out. My belly pressed right up against him, so his soapy cock met my naked skin. His fingers found my clit no problem, and he played with me the way I’d been playing with myself earlier. It felt totally different when he did it. Felt wrong, for starters. So wrong…

“Daddy,” I whispered. “Oh, you’re gonna make me come.”

“Already?” he asked.

“Well, I was close before.”

“I know.” He set his mouth against my ear and spoke over the hiss of the shower. “I could see it on your face.”

“Oh!” The idea of my mother’s boyfriend watching me as I touched myself just about gave me an orgasm. “I can’t believe you came down here to spy on me.”

"Showering with my Dirty Daddy" is published at Amazon as "Showering with my Dirty Man" because Amazon doesn't like the word "daddy."

Get it from:

Find out about more sexy stories at

Friday, May 30, 2014

Lexi's First #MySexySaturday

I'm really just copying Giselle Renarde.  She seems to know what she's doing, and she participates in this My Sexy Saturday blog hop, so... here I am!  Come and love me!

As I announced yesterday, my first box set is now available.  It's called "Weird and Wild Taboo Smut" and it contains one story, in particular, that fits well with this week's My Sexy Saturday theme:

Share with us this week those characters who are coming back and sexy once again.

Hmm... sort of reminds me of Bonnie from my story "She's My Best Friend's GILF."  Keep in mind, all the stories in this box set are "Weird and Wild" and this one's no exception.  It's about a sexy grandma (!!!) who recently had her boobs done (!!!) and uses them to seduce her grandson's best friend (!!!).

Here are seven paragraphs of smutty deliciousness:

Jesse gawped. “You’re not Brad’s grandmother!”

She smiled and tossed her hair behind her shoulder, showing off her massive breasts. “Well, sure I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You’re just too… I mean, you’re so… I mean, you look nothing like my grandma!”

When Bonnie laughed, her big boobs bounced inside her tight, low-cut top. That hot pink colour glowed against her tan skin. She certainly didn’t look like a woman who was recovering from surgery.

“Well, come on in.” She wrapped her fingers around his wrist and drew him into the house. “I’ll make you a sandwich.”

“You will?”

She cocked her head as she led him into the kitchen. Jesse wasn’t sure what aroused his senses more: the promise of food, or the insinuation of Gramma’s giggles.

You won't believe this even when I tell you, but until June 12th you can get "She's My Best Friend's GILF" along with FIVE other strange erotic stories for only $0.99!  Yes, you heard me right.  $0.99! For a box set!

All Romance Ebooks:

Coming soon to more vendors!

And don't forget to visit more Sexy Saturday sites at:

Weird and Wild Taboo Smut: Now Available in Box Set Form!

It's only natural for a weird and wild puppet to write weird and wild taboo smut.  I've written a fair amount (see those book covers along the side of this blog for details) and now SIX of those wild and crazy guys stories are available in a box set!

The best part?  Until June 12th, that box set will only cost you $0.99!  (That's 77p at Amazon UK!)

You'll want to get on this.  It's a fabulous deal.  Don't believe me?  Ask your mom!  She reads taboo smut, right?

On that note, here's some more information:

Want it weird? Want it wild? Lexi’s got you covered!

In this collection of wonderfully wacky erotica, a sexy Easter Bunny needs help from the man of the house to lay her eggs (yes, her eggs!), a teddy bear takes charge of the college girl who shares his bed, a science teacher shows his geeky student the time of her life, a GILF puts her brand new implants to good use, and the piggish mayor of Hogtown gets pegged by a group of very creative sex workers. All this and more!

If you like your erotica tame and safe, keep walking—this is not the box set for you. If you prefer your smut a little odd, a little off, a little quirky and strange, grab yourself a copy of Lexi Wood’s Weird and Wild Taboo Smut today!

Contains the stories:
  1. Teddy Takes Tilly
  2. Pegging Mayor Pigman of Hogtown
  3. My Sexy Teacher, My First Time
  4. Frankie Steps Up
  5. Daddy Meets the Easter Bunny
  6. She's My Best Friend's GILF

Remember, it won't be $0.99 forever.  Buy now from...

All Romance Ebooks:

Coming soon to more vendors!