Friday, November 7, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Don't Even Think About It!

Brace yourself, because things are about to get dirty!

It's My Sexy Saturday, and that means 7 paragraphs from my new release: Don't Even Think About It! (It's Too Taboo!)  This book brings you THREE erotic shorts of the forbidden variety--two about a girl gettin' it on with her mom's new boyfriend and one where a big beautiful young woman finds a fast friend in her BFF's divorced daddy!

This excerpt comes from the first story, Showering With My Dirty Daddy, and features Molly in the shower with her mother's boyfriend Lars. Careful--it's hot!!!

When he held me under the shower like that, I thought my knees would give out. My belly pressed right up against him, so his soapy cock met my naked skin. His fingers found my clit no problem, and he played with me the way I’d been playing with myself earlier. It felt totally different when he did it. Felt wrong, for starters. So wrong…

“Daddy,” I whispered. “Oh, you’re gonna make me come.”

“Already?” he asked.

“Well, I was close before.”

“I know.” He set his mouth against my ear and spoke over the hiss of the shower. “I could see it on your face.”

“Oh!” The idea of my mother’s boyfriend watching me as I touched myself just about gave me an orgasm. “I can’t believe you came down here to spy on me.”

“I didn’t.” His cock throbbed against my belly before he spun me around, slamming my chest to the slick shower wall. “I came down here to fuck you.”

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