Friday, May 30, 2014

Lexi's First #MySexySaturday

I'm really just copying Giselle Renarde.  She seems to know what she's doing, and she participates in this My Sexy Saturday blog hop, so... here I am!  Come and love me!

As I announced yesterday, my first box set is now available.  It's called "Weird and Wild Taboo Smut" and it contains one story, in particular, that fits well with this week's My Sexy Saturday theme:

Share with us this week those characters who are coming back and sexy once again.

Hmm... sort of reminds me of Bonnie from my story "She's My Best Friend's GILF."  Keep in mind, all the stories in this box set are "Weird and Wild" and this one's no exception.  It's about a sexy grandma (!!!) who recently had her boobs done (!!!) and uses them to seduce her grandson's best friend (!!!).

Here are seven paragraphs of smutty deliciousness:

Jesse gawped. “You’re not Brad’s grandmother!”

She smiled and tossed her hair behind her shoulder, showing off her massive breasts. “Well, sure I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You’re just too… I mean, you’re so… I mean, you look nothing like my grandma!”

When Bonnie laughed, her big boobs bounced inside her tight, low-cut top. That hot pink colour glowed against her tan skin. She certainly didn’t look like a woman who was recovering from surgery.

“Well, come on in.” She wrapped her fingers around his wrist and drew him into the house. “I’ll make you a sandwich.”

“You will?”

She cocked her head as she led him into the kitchen. Jesse wasn’t sure what aroused his senses more: the promise of food, or the insinuation of Gramma’s giggles.

You won't believe this even when I tell you, but until June 12th you can get "She's My Best Friend's GILF" along with FIVE other strange erotic stories for only $0.99!  Yes, you heard me right.  $0.99! For a box set!

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