Sunday, July 10, 2022

Bearly Legal: Teddy Bear Erotica
When the mean girls give Margie a bear for her birthday, she knows they’re up to no good. As soon as she gets the gift home, she discovers this is no ordinary teddy bear. The cuddly toy is possessed by some kind of demonic force! Innocent Margie can struggle and squirm all she likes, but she can’t escape her birthday bear’s clutches.

Warning: BEARLY LEGAL, a teddy bear erotica story by Lexi Wood, includes an innocent virgin, a devious bear and dubious consent.

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Crossing her bedroom in the nude, Margie picked up the bear and held it to her naked chest. “You really are a cutie-pie, aren’t you?”

Again, she waited with that feeling of being watched.

But the bear said nothing, and she laughed.

She’d planned to put on her nightgown and get under the covers, so when her mother came home she could say she’d taken ill and sent herself to bed. But the bear felt so good against her naked skin that she slipped between the sheets completely nude.

“I think I’ll call you Ryan,” Margie said as she hugged the bear.

She’d already pulled the curtains, so her room was especially dark, despite the brightness of the sun outside. It felt nice to be in the dark. Naked in the dark. With this sweet little bear.

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Under the covers, Margie moved the bear down her body, feeling its fur on her nipples, then her belly. She’d been taught early on that young girls were not supposed to touch themselves. Touching yourself was basically calling on the devil. “Yoohoo, Devil! Here I am! A young girl ripe for the picking!”

So she’d never dared. Never.

But this was different. Because the bear was doing all the touching. Margie wasn’t touching herself at all. The fuzzy little bear worked its way down her soft belly, and then nuzzled its muzzle into her untouched mess of pubic hair.

She parted her legs for a moment, and then brought them closer together so the bear’s lovely fur brushed her sensitive inner thighs.

“Goodness, little bear,” she said. “Your fur feels so good against my skin.”

The bear asked, “How about my tongue?”

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Younger Women Older Men Scandalous Erotica
What does she see in him? 

A girl might go after an older man because he’s got money or power or brains, but sometimes it’s simpler than that. Sometimes she’s just plain hot for his body! Older men know how to treat a girl right. They know exactly what to whisper, where to touch, and when to put a girl over his knee. 

In this collection of six salacious stories, savour the flavour of younger women as they take pleasure in the minds and bodies of older men. Even when it’s forbidden, they can’t resist rubbing up against an experienced older man!

Younger Women Older Men Scandalous Erotica

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Taboo Hotel Sex Stories. At a Hotel, Anything's Possible...
What’s the sexy secret behind hotel hook-ups?

At a hotel, anything’s possible. We can do things we would never dream of at home. We can even surrender to forbidden temptations…

In this erotic anthology, travel to six sinful hotel rooms and witness acts of sheer erotic depravity. Once these pairs find themselves in the same hotel room, there’s no stopping the illicit acts that will ensue.

Leave your inhibitions at the door. It’s time to enter the Taboo Hotel!

Warning: This collection of taboo erotica contains sexual interactions between distant cousins, step relations, daddies and daughters, a MILF and her son’s best friend, plus one lusciously fertile babysitter and the man she serves. Reader discretion is advised.

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READ AN EXCERPT from one of Lexi's smutty barely-legal stepdaddy stories:

“I want you to do things normal teenagers do,” Walt went on.

“But I’m not a normal teenager and I don’t want to be one!”

That’s when Walt did something he’d never done to her before: he placed his hand on the curve of her bum and stroked it gently.

Did he think she was family pet? Why was he doing that?

Her impulse was to tell him to stop… except every time he ran his warm hand over her bum like that, the pulsing sensation built in that forbidden place.

She knew it was wrong, but it felt so good.

What would her mother say?!?

“Isn’t there anything you like that normal teenagers like?” Walt asked.

“No,” she spat. “Normal teenagers are idiots. They drink and do drugs and kill all their brain cells, and they don’t even care!”

“There must be something,” Walt asked quietly, encouragingly. He hadn’t stopped stroking her bum. “Can’t you think of even one thing normal teens have that you… want?”

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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Dance, Salome, Dance! A Taboo Erotic Novella

Dance, Salome, Dance!
A Taboo Erotic Novella
by Lexi Wood

Rod isn't happy that his twenty-three-year-old son still lives in his basement. Now he's got a barely-legal step-daughter to support as well? Worse yet, his new wife is forcing him to attend the girl's goddamn dance recital!

Onstage, Salome transforms into a seductive stripper. In a sexy little dance costume, she becomes the most seductive vixen Rod has ever seen. There's no turning back. He's going to bed his step-daughter if it kills him...

Warnings: This filthy book contains explicit sex between stepsiblings, stepdaddy/stepdaugher sex, and extreme 1970s outfits. If you're not into polyester pants, you'd better steer clear.

Previously published as Dance for Daddy, Salome! by Excessica Publishing

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Read an Excerpt:

Rod stared at Salome. She seemed slightly more at ease. “Anyway, I was thinking since your mom and John are both out tonight, maybe we should do something, just the two of us.”

“Like what? Watch a movie?” Salome covered the nudie mag with her feet, like she’d only just remembered it was sitting there.

“We could, but we could do that any time. I was thinking tonight we could do something special.”

Her eyes darkened, like a veil had been cast over them. “You want me to dance for you.”

Yes, yes, yes! He could have shouted from the rooftops how damn much he wanted it, but he feared he’d scare her off. “Only if you want to.”

“I don’t know.” She glanced around her very pink room. “Wouldn’t it be weird if you watched me dance in a room that used to be your daughter’s?”

Anxiety rose in his chest. Panic. “Well, it’s not hers anymore. And, Christ, you’re my daughter now. It should be weird, watching you dance…”

Rising to her feet, Salome straightened out her panties and hiked up her socks. “Wasn’t it weird for you? John thought it was. He got really mad.”

“Did he?” Rod wondered why his son cared what Salome got up to. Was he really so attached to his step-sister? They’d barely known each other a month. “One month…”


He hadn’t meant to say that out loud. Sitting on Salome’s low bed, he said, “Can you believe I’ve been married to your mother for less than a month? I guess it seems sleazy. Here’s your new step-father begging to watch you dance.”

Salome took off her headphones and walked across the room. She shut the door. “It’s okay. I’m a good dancer. I know that.”

“Yeah,” he said, feeling elated for the first time all day. “Yeah, you are. So, what do you say? Wanna dance for Daddy?”

Friday, January 7, 2022

Forbidden Family Erotica: Six Shocking Sex Stories
All 6 Smut Smackdown stories are now available in one collection!

Forbidden Family Erotica
Six Shocking Sex Stories

Taboo Erotica by Giselle Renarde and Lexi Wood

Daddies and daughters, brothers and sisters, twins, cousins and more! Nobody’s off-limits in this taboo collection of illicit incest erotica. Six sexy stories certain to satisfy!

In this collection you’ll find the following family erotica: Talk Dirty to me, Daddy!, Spying on the Twins, Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin, Two Complete Strangers, The Family Bed, and Taken by Vicky’s Daddy… and Mine!

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