Friday, January 23, 2015

Owning the Brat: A First-Time Story of Forbidden Lust

It's sexy... it's Saturday... it's MY SEXY SATURDAY!

Get ready to own a little slice of sexy with my new short story OWNING THE BRAT. This baby is the first in my new series called TABOO SECRETS. What sort of secrets? Oh, the very naughtiest sort, where ripe girls love their (step)daddies and everyone gets what they need.

In OWNING THE BRAT, Karli NEEDS to submit to her powerful stepfather, though she doesn't know it yet. He wants her to be HIS and he's willing to wait until NO turns to YES.

Ask Karli if she considers herself a brat and she’ll probably kick you in the shins. She’s a self-assured young woman who just wants to party, but everything’s about to change. Karli doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to do something she’s never done before, and something she never imagined doing. She’s about to submit to a man who is strictly forbidden.

It’ll only take one night alone with Mal, the arrogant billionaire, for Karli to realize everything she’s taken for granted. But will there be repercussions for their taboo lust?


He removed the billowy dress from its hanger and tossed it at Karli. “Put this on.”

“No!” she said, chucking it to the floor. “I’ll wear what I want to wear.”

Raising his eyebrow sternly, he said, “You’ll wear what I tell you to wear.”


“Pick it up.”


She got up, but Mal closed her bedroom door and blocked it with his body. “You’ve gone too many years without a father figure in your life. You must learn to let a man take charge.”

OWNING THE BRAT is available exclusively from Amazon, which means if you're a KU subscriber you can read it for FREE. And you should! Right now!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Stuck Up: A Sexy Stepdaddy and Virgin Stepdaughter Story

If you like your erotica tight, teasing and very taboo, have I got a a story for you!

Well, three stories, actually, but only one was written by me. STUCK UP appears in a new collection of first-time erotica called THERE'S A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING.

Since it's Saturday (My Sexy Saturday, to be exact), I'm going to share a spicy excerpt with you. Avert your eyes if you're offended by virgin stepdaughters who actively seduce their stepfathers!

She sticks out her chest and either she’s really cold or really turned on, because her nipples poke out clear as day. “You’re staring at my tits again.”

“Well, what do you expect? You’re shoving them in my face!”

“Look at the picture!” She slams her index finger down on it. “The picture! The picture!”

I tear my gaze away from my step-daughter’s perky little tits long enough to get a load of my wife as she was in the eighties. This photo makes me uncomfortable, and not just because it’s awkward to see one’s wife sporting such a truly terrible perm. I’m uncomfortable because Delta and her daughter could be twins, and yet they’re nothing alike. Delta is caring and generous. She’s an independent woman who took care of herself and her daughter long before I arrived on the scene. Nicky is petulant and manipulative. She couldn’t make it on her own, that’s for damn sure.

“What?” she asks. “Why are you staring like that? You look like a total perv. Don’t tell me you’ve got a rager under this book just because my knee is touching your knee.”

In fact, I do have a rager under this book just because her knee is touching mine, but I’m hardly going to tell her that. “You’re so full of yourself, Nicky.”

She mutters, “Someone’s got to be.”

I think you know what you need to do now: you need to buy this damn book at the introductory price of $0.99. Come on, under a buck for three hot-as-hell taboo tales? Just do it, man.

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