Friday, July 24, 2015

Good Girl's Secret First Time: Forbidden Love at the Cottage

This week's My Sexy Saturday theme is Our Sexy Place.

And what could be sexier than a cozy cottage night? Especially when you're spending time with a sexy family friend. Sure he's a little older--okay, A LOT older--and sure, you've known him forever. Okay, he's actually been like a father to you since your real dad died.

So it's kind of weird that you find yourself so drawn to him.

But you're heading off to college at the end of the summer, and do you really want to start the term a virgin?

Nope. No way.

You're ready to shake that title. You're ready to shake it with this sexy older man, this family friend. You know you can trust him to take care of you.

You know you can trust him to treat you right.

I hadn’t realized how very loose my bikini top was until I leaned forward to plant a kiss on Blake’s cheek, the same way I’d always done. I got distracted why I felt cool air on my bare nipples. My top slipped into Blake’s lap, and he noticed my bare breasts the same moment I did.

He stared unapologetically at my soft pink nipples and my milky white breasts.

“Krista,” he said.

I was sort of hovering over his lap, sitting on my knees, when I looked into his eyes. “Yes?”

He said, “Your top came off.”

I said, “I know.”

I kissed him. On the mouth this time.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Brat's Graduation Gift

If you've come to expect dirty, filthy daddy fetish smut from me, you're NOT going to be disappointed by my newest release from the Taboo Secrets line: The Brat's Graduation Gift.

Brittany has always been a brat, but Nolan is sure she’ll change her tune once she sees her graduation gift. He bought her a car!

But nothing’s ever good enough for Princess Brittany, and her graduation gift is no exception.

When Nolan takes her for a drive, not only does Brittany get them lost on a rural road, but she crashes the car in a ditch! Nolan should be furious, but part of him is glad to be alone in the great outdoors with his sexy little grad.

After giving the brat a great graduation gift, can Nolan expect a little gratitude in return?

Run off and buy your copy now OR stick around for an incredibly hot excerpt from this barely-legal beauty:

With her small breasts exposed, she slid up the rock to play footsie. Part of him wanted to pull her down and fuck her senseless, but he’d grown stupid with arousal. He couldn’t figure out what to do next.

“Don’t you want to see my pussy, Daddy?”

Nolan shook his head, trying to kick his brain into gear. “See what?”

She rubbed his shaft with her whole foot. His erection had grown so wildly huge that she had to trace it up and down to cover the entire expanse. Her skirt flipped up, and he got a look at her thong. It was fluorescent green with a cartoon monkey.

“Are these bikini bottoms?” he asked.

“No,” she said, furrowing her brow. “I told you, it’s a thong.”

“Looks like a little girl’s bathing suit,” he said.

“So what?” She rubbed his dick harder with her foot. “I thought I was your little girl.”

Nolan swallowed hard.

“I thought I was Daddy’s Little Girl.”

His balls clenched and his dick throbbed. “Oh God, Brittany, you’ve got to stop saying that.”

“Why?” she asked, stroking him with both feet. “Daddy doesn’t like when his little girl talks sexy?”

“Daddy likes it too much,” Nolan confessed, pushing her feet away from his crotch and unzipping his fly. “Daddy’s going to show his little girl how much he loves it.”
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