Friday, December 12, 2014

Susja's Midnight Meeting: FREE This Weekend!

Hello, hoppers!

This week's My Sexy Saturday theme is early morning shtupping. If midnight qualifies as early morning, then Susja's Midnight Meeting fits perfectly. This taboo short is smoking hot and, better yet, it's FREE today at Amazon!

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He’s not just a professor at her university—he’s also a close family friend. If anyone found out they were sleeping together, Susja’s parents would throw a fit and Randeep would face professional humiliation! But how can they resist? They live under the same roof.

Susja has a secret fantasy Randeep knows nothing about…

He thinks she’s dreaming of another man while she’s in bed with him. But it’s not another person Susja secretly desires—it’s another place: a place that’s hot, wet and dangerously public. Will the professor risk everything to fulfil her wildest wish?

Brace yourselves. Here come seven sexy paragraphs from Susja and Randeep's lustful tale:

I snapped back to reality, feeling his erection throbbing inside my swollen cunt. “Huh?”

The muscles in Uncle Randeep’s arms twitched. “Who is he?”

“Who is who?”

“You close your eyes when I get inside you.” Uncle Randeep trapped my body under his. “Who do you think about, Susja? Some boy from school? Are you pretending my cock is his?”

“It’s nobody, Uncle. I’m not thinking of anybody.” How could he imagine I’d want to be with any man but him, even in my mind? “It isn’t another man.”
“What is it, then?” He rolled off me and his erection tented the sheet. “Are you bored? What?”

“How could I ever be bored with you, Uncle? Our love is forbidden! Is there anything more exciting in the whole world? If we ever got caught like this…” I crawled on top of his body, straddling his hips, letting my bare breasts wave above his lips. “Well, you know what would happen.”

Amazon UK: