Saturday, January 8, 2022

Dance, Salome, Dance! A Taboo Erotic Novella

Dance, Salome, Dance!
A Taboo Erotic Novella
by Lexi Wood

Rod isn't happy that his twenty-three-year-old son still lives in his basement. Now he's got a barely-legal step-daughter to support as well? Worse yet, his new wife is forcing him to attend the girl's goddamn dance recital!

Onstage, Salome transforms into a seductive stripper. In a sexy little dance costume, she becomes the most seductive vixen Rod has ever seen. There's no turning back. He's going to bed his step-daughter if it kills him...

Warnings: This filthy book contains explicit sex between stepsiblings, stepdaddy/stepdaugher sex, and extreme 1970s outfits. If you're not into polyester pants, you'd better steer clear.

Previously published as Dance for Daddy, Salome! by Excessica Publishing

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Rod stared at Salome. She seemed slightly more at ease. “Anyway, I was thinking since your mom and John are both out tonight, maybe we should do something, just the two of us.”

“Like what? Watch a movie?” Salome covered the nudie mag with her feet, like she’d only just remembered it was sitting there.

“We could, but we could do that any time. I was thinking tonight we could do something special.”

Her eyes darkened, like a veil had been cast over them. “You want me to dance for you.”

Yes, yes, yes! He could have shouted from the rooftops how damn much he wanted it, but he feared he’d scare her off. “Only if you want to.”

“I don’t know.” She glanced around her very pink room. “Wouldn’t it be weird if you watched me dance in a room that used to be your daughter’s?”

Anxiety rose in his chest. Panic. “Well, it’s not hers anymore. And, Christ, you’re my daughter now. It should be weird, watching you dance…”

Rising to her feet, Salome straightened out her panties and hiked up her socks. “Wasn’t it weird for you? John thought it was. He got really mad.”

“Did he?” Rod wondered why his son cared what Salome got up to. Was he really so attached to his step-sister? They’d barely known each other a month. “One month…”


He hadn’t meant to say that out loud. Sitting on Salome’s low bed, he said, “Can you believe I’ve been married to your mother for less than a month? I guess it seems sleazy. Here’s your new step-father begging to watch you dance.”

Salome took off her headphones and walked across the room. She shut the door. “It’s okay. I’m a good dancer. I know that.”

“Yeah,” he said, feeling elated for the first time all day. “Yeah, you are. So, what do you say? Wanna dance for Daddy?”