Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Jade seduces her best friend's GRANDFATHER in "Bossy Brat"
Jade joined the cross-country team for one reason and one reason only: Dahlia’s granddad.

It’s not like she hasn’t got better things to do, senior year. It’s not like she doesn’t have friends and fans and fuck-buddies. She has all those things. She’s hot, for Christ’s sake. The guys all agree she could be a stripper, if she wanted to. How old do you have to be to become a stripper? If the answer’s eighteen, Jade might even consider it.

All those strangers, all those older men, all those eyes…

Stripping doesn’t sound so bad!

Imagine Jade up on stage, wearing a silver bikini, sliding her hands across her bare skin while men look on. She’d probably have favourites. She’d probably spot some old guy in the audience, someone like Dahlia’s granddad, and feel her pulse racing. After her set, she’d invite him into one of those back rooms, be his private dancers, his dancer for money.

He’d probably feel guilty at first, a man like that. He’d probably think she’d been sex-trafficked into the country and she doesn’t speak English. He’d be so relieved to find out she chose this life. She loves the looks. She loves the money. He wouldn’t feel bad, then, when she propositioned him. What’s the going rate? Who knows, but she’d charge more because she wasn’t desperate. She could live without the money. Her parents were loaded.

But it was nice to have money of her own. Men’s money. Sex money.

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