Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Paper Thin: An Erotic Tale of Forbidden Lust

Kristen awoke with a huge hand covering her mouth.
He was all over her, his big body covering hers where a blanket had once been.
No… he wasn’t merely on her—he was in her, too.
His thighs spread hers wide. He’d forced his cock inside her while she slept.
How long had he been doing this?
How long had he been fucking her in her sleep?
When she tried to scream, he pressed his palm down harder on her open mouth.
Setting his hot lips against her ear, he growled, “Calm down, Kristen. Daddy’s here.”

Paper Thin
An Erotic Tale of Forbidden Lust
by Lexi Wood

There’s nothing worse than side-by-side hotel rooms when the walls are paper thin.

Kristen never wanted to go on this mini-vacation in the first place. She’d rather have stayed home with the man of the house. Sure their lust is strictly taboo, but Bolt can’t resist Kristen—and she wants him all to herself. Now she’s stuck listening to the couple next door, who happen to be the two people she NEVER wants to hear having sex. Perfect! Just perfect!

But who knows what’ll happen after dark? If she sets the TV volume too loud, maybe she’ll draw her forbidden lover out of his room and into hers…

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