Thursday, July 4, 2019

Stepdaddy and stepdaughter watch each other masturbate in WATCHING DADDY/TABOO VOYEUR

Watching Daddy
(Taboo Voyeur at Amazon)

Tanner’s away on business, but Crysta craves her stepdaddy’s dick every day. They only have one option: sexy naked video chats before bed. But, because of the time difference, Tanner’s ready for her while she’s still in the lecture hall. Can she watch in public without losing her mind? Or will Crysta resort to drastic measures during her evening class?

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Monday, July 1, 2019

A webcam-loving virgin gets deflowered hard in GOOD GIRL LOVES HER BODY!

Good Girl Loves Her Body
Taboo Erotica

When Bruce catches his stepdaughter Brandy playing in front of her webcam, you’d think the man of the house would flee the scene in embarrassment. No way! Not today! It’s a good thing Brandy’s been dreaming about her stepdaddy day and night, because it looks like her dreams are about to come true…

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Friday, June 28, 2019

It's a lust letter to Daddy! Find out what Bella loves the most in COLLEGE GIRL'S TABOO LUST!

College Girl’s Taboo Lust
Taboo Erotica from Lexi Wood

Daddy’s Little Girl isn’t getting what she wants. Away at college, she’s gone without her fill of Daddy’s dick for many months. When he pays her a visit, Daddy and Daughter promise each other they’ll spend the time catching up. But who are they kidding? Daddy craves his Little Girl as much as she desires him. It won’t take long before they end up back in bed together. It never does.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Find out what this naughty stepdaughter gets up to at night in LILY'S LITTLE SECRET!

Lily’s Little Secret
Taboo Erotica from Lexi Wood

Every night, Lily sneaks into the man of the house’s bed. She thinks she can get away with anything. But what happens when the man of the house catches her in the act? Is it possible he’s known her dirty little secret all this time?

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Taboo Smut! Taboo Sex with an Ex: 6 Explicit Erotica Stories by Lexi Wood
Taboo Sex with an Ex
6 Explicit Erotica Stories
By Lexi Wood

These girls love taboo sex so much they just keep coming back for more… even though they know they shouldn’t… even though they said they wouldn’t! In this mouth-watering collection of sinful smut, six young women return to strictly forbidden men to fill their needs as only the man of the house can. They shouldn’t have done it in the first time. They shouldn’t come back for seconds. But here they are, pretty and purring and ready for more!


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Friday, December 21, 2018

A young woman gives her friend's great-uncle a prostate massage in DRIVING DAISY

If you like road trip stories about sexy young women shoving their fingers into older men's asses, DRIVING DAISY is the sex story for you!
Lawler’s a much older man. Daisy’s a much younger woman. When the two decide to drive cross-country together, Daisy soon discovers Lawler’s got a few health hang-ups. She’s no doctor, but maybe she can help the attractive older man feel a little bit better?

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Here's a taste...

“What are you doing?” Lawler asked as she stripped off her top. “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable undressing in the restroom?”

“No,” Daisy replied. She pushed down her shorts. “I love my body. I’m not ashamed of it.”

“That’s good.”

Lawler sat on the bed, looking at the wall.

“What are you so embarrassed about? It’s just my bikini. Girls wear these on the beach all the time. Guess I won’t be getting wet today, huh?”

Either he didn’t get the joke or he didn’t want to acknowledge it, because he tucked his feet under the covers and said, “We should get to sleep.”

Daisy reached back to untie her bikini top. “Oh, well, I sleep in the nude.”

Lawler turned again toward the wall. “Very good. Would you turn off the bathroom light when you’re done?”

“Sure,” she said. “But I won’t be done for a while.”

She slipped off her bikini bottoms and stood naked by the drapes. Her body looked good enough to eat, and Lawler wouldn’t even glance in her direction. Sighing, she grabbed the gloves she’d stolen from that cleaning cart, and also dug some lube out of her luggage.

“Have you ever had a prostate massage?” she asked.

Lawler didn’t respond right away, and then he asked, “Who, me?”

“Yes you,” she laughed. “Who else is in the room?”

“I thought you might be talking on the phone.”

“Well, I’m not. I’m asking you a question.”

He rolled over, casually, in his bed, and when he saw that she was totally nude, he quickly turned back again. “Daisy! Perhaps you should put on some clothing while you’re walking around.”

“I won’t be walking around for long,” she said, making her way toward his bed...

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Don’t Tell Your Mother I Put It In Your Ass! Taboo Anal Erotica
When Angelee catches her stepfather sleeping with another woman, Hut is willing to do to anything to keep her from telling her mother. But Angelee can’t be tempted by money or gifts. Now that she’s seen her stepdaddy’s schlong, all she wants is to feel it inside her—in more places than one. It’s terribly taboo, but that’s not going to stop them!

If you like commanding brats who take it up the ass, this is the story for you! Angelee is such a dirty girl, and she won't take no for an answer. Her stepfather isn't on board--not right away. He's sure she's setting him. But this isn't blackmail, not really. She wants her daddy's dick for the love of the game.

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Alternate Amazon-friendly title: Don’t Tell! I’ll Give You Anything You Want