Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Ruby Rides Daddy: Father/Daughter Sleep Sex Erotica

by Lexi Wood

Poor Ruby! Ever since her daddy started taking sleeping pills, he hasn’t had much time for her. The pastor says she’s reached a marriageable age, but the only man she wants is Daddy. One time she overheard the pastor telling a married couple it’s important to exercise their wedding tackle. Now that Mama’s run off, who will exercise Daddy’s? Ruby knows it’s wrong, but when she gets an itch down below and Daddy’s fast asleep, sometimes she does very naughty things…
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Saturday, June 23, 2018

18 Taboo Secrets Erotica Superbundle
18 Taboo Secrets Erotica Superbundle
by Lexi Wood

Girls who want it, men who shouldn’t, forbidden first times and titillating taboos! Everything you want is right here in 18 Taboo Secrets, a superbundle of erotica that’s almost too hot to handle. Satisfy your cravings for innocent young virgins, attractive older men, and girls who want to have fun. With eighteen taboo tales of stepdaddies, stepdaughters, family friends, strangers and more, you won’t be able to put this one down!

Warning: This title contains 18 titillating tales of stepfathers, stepdaughters, virgins, brats, sleep sex, schoolgirls, popped cherries, sex for money, blackmail, breeding and so much more!

Which Taboo Secrets does this erotica superbundle contain? All of these ones:
The Brat with the Broken Arm
The Brat’s Graduation Gift
The Brat Runs Home
The Brat Takes What She Wants
Camgirl Co-Ed’s First Time
Casting Couch Brat
Blueberry Brat
Good Girl’s Christmas Panties
Good Girl’s Fertile First Time
Good Girl Gets Caught
Good Girl’s Secret First Time
Trick or Brat
The Lingerie Thief
Owning the Brat
Paper Thin
Susja’s Midnight Meeting
Watching the Brat
Stuck Up

This collection is going to knock your socks off!

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Tessa Teases Daddy: A Sexy Stepdaddy/Stepdaughter Story
When Stuart’s stepdaughter comes home late, the last thing he expects her to do is tease him with both hands. Tessa’s mother is away at a trade show. They’ve got the house to themselves all night long. Even so, Stuart tries to tell Tessa her actions are inappropriate, but how can he resist a girl in a short denim skirt? How can he resist her when she strips completely bare?


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Friday, April 13, 2018

Bearly Legal: Teddy Bear Erotica
When the mean girls give Margie a bear for her birthday, she knows they’re up to no good. As soon as she gets the gift home, she discovers this is no ordinary teddy bear. The cuddly toy is possessed by some kind of demonic force! Innocent Margie can struggle and squirm all she likes, but she can’t escape her birthday bear’s clutches.

Warning: BEARLY LEGAL, a teddy bear erotica story by Lexi Wood, includes an innocent virgin, a devious bear and dubious consent.

Crossing her bedroom in the nude, Margie picked up the bear and held it to her naked chest. “You really are a cutie-pie, aren’t you?”

Again, she waited with that feeling of being watched.

But the bear said nothing, and she laughed.

She’d planned to put on her nightgown and get under the covers, so when her mother came home she could say she’d taken ill and sent herself to bed. But the bear felt so good against her naked skin that she slipped between the sheets completely nude.

“I think I’ll call you Ryan,” Margie said as she hugged the bear.

She’d already pulled the curtains, so her room was especially dark, despite the brightness of the sun outside. It felt nice to be in the dark. Naked in the dark. With this sweet little bear.

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Under the covers, Margie moved the bear down her body, feeling its fur on her nipples, then her belly. She’d been taught early on that young girls were not supposed to touch themselves. Touching yourself was basically calling on the devil. “Yoohoo, Devil! Here I am! A young girl ripe for the picking!”

So she’d never dared. Never.

But this was different. Because the bear was doing all the touching. Margie wasn’t touching herself at all. The fuzzy little bear worked its way down her soft belly, and then nuzzled its muzzle into her untouched mess of pubic hair.

She parted her legs for a moment, and then brought them closer together so the bear’s lovely fur brushed her sensitive inner thighs.

“Goodness, little bear,” she said. “Your fur feels so good against my skin.”

The bear asked, “How about my tongue?”

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Taboo Erotica! Bessy Bangs Daddy
Bessy’s a girl who knows what she wants. Problem is, her daddy fetish scares off most guys. She needs a man who’s willing to play her game. Who better than the man who inspired it all, her mother’s second husband, Burton? When he shows up unannounced one night, Bessy hasn’t seen him in years. She’s willing to take full advantage… but is she ready for everything he’s got to give?

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Forbidden Family Erotica: Six Shocking Sex Stories
All 6 Smut Smackdown stories are now available in one collection!

Forbidden Family Erotica
Six Shocking Sex Stories

Taboo Erotica by Giselle Renarde and Lexi Wood

Daddies and daughters, brothers and sisters, twins, cousins and more! Nobody’s off-limits in this taboo collection of illicit incest erotica. Six sexy stories certain to satisfy!

In this collection you’ll find the following family erotica: Talk Dirty to me, Daddy!, Spying on the Twins, Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin, Two Complete Strangers, The Family Bed, and Taken by Vicky’s Daddy… and Mine!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Taboo Smut: Good Girls, Fertile Brats, First Times and Forbidden Lust
100% Brand New Taboo Smut!

Think you’ve read these stories before? Think again! Unless you live inside the magnificently dirty mind of expert smut-writer Lexi Wood, every story in this collection will be new to you. Each taboo tale between Lexi’s filthy covers was written specifically for inclusion in this fine book.

New means NEW.

Taboo means NAUGHTY.

These girls shouldn’t be interested in forbidden men, but do older guys ever know how to make them squirm! And the men? They know they shouldn’t set their sights on sweet young things, but how can they resist? If they let down their guards just this once, can anyone really blame them?

Float your boat today with New Taboo Smut. Tell the girls Lexi sent you…

New Taboo Smut by Lexi Wood
Good Girls, Fertile Brats, First Times and Forbidden Lust

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