Thursday, December 6, 2018

Don’t Tell Your Mother I Put It In Your Ass! Taboo Anal Erotica
When Angelee catches her stepfather sleeping with another woman, Hut is willing to do to anything to keep her from telling her mother. But Angelee can’t be tempted by money or gifts. Now that she’s seen her stepdaddy’s schlong, all she wants is to feel it inside her—in more places than one. It’s terribly taboo, but that’s not going to stop them!

If you like commanding brats who take it up the ass, this is the story for you! Angelee is such a dirty girl, and she won't take no for an answer. Her stepfather isn't on board--not right away. He's sure she's setting him. But this isn't blackmail, not really. She wants her daddy's dick for the love of the game.

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Alternate Amazon-friendly title: Don’t Tell! I’ll Give You Anything You Want

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Two Girls Take on One Man in "The Landlord and the Lesbians"
When Harvey first rented his spare room to Brooke, he never imagined he’d end up in bed with her. First off, Brooke is a lesbian. Secondly, she’s considerably younger than him. He never expected his tenacious tenant and her gorgeous girlfriend to use his willing body to settle an argument. Once the girls get him in gear, they just can’t get enough! How will Harvey satisfy two younger women again and again? With their hot young guidance of course!

From Lexi's Wood's new series: Much Older Men and the Girls Who Love Them!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Jade seduces her best friend's GRANDFATHER in "Bossy Brat"
Jade joined the cross-country team for one reason and one reason only: Dahlia’s granddad.

It’s not like she hasn’t got better things to do, senior year. It’s not like she doesn’t have friends and fans and fuck-buddies. She has all those things. She’s hot, for Christ’s sake. The guys all agree she could be a stripper, if she wanted to. How old do you have to be to become a stripper? If the answer’s eighteen, Jade might even consider it.

All those strangers, all those older men, all those eyes…

Stripping doesn’t sound so bad!

Imagine Jade up on stage, wearing a silver bikini, sliding her hands across her bare skin while men look on. She’d probably have favourites. She’d probably spot some old guy in the audience, someone like Dahlia’s granddad, and feel her pulse racing. After her set, she’d invite him into one of those back rooms, be his private dancers, his dancer for money.

He’d probably feel guilty at first, a man like that. He’d probably think she’d been sex-trafficked into the country and she doesn’t speak English. He’d be so relieved to find out she chose this life. She loves the looks. She loves the money. He wouldn’t feel bad, then, when she propositioned him. What’s the going rate? Who knows, but she’d charge more because she wasn’t desperate. She could live without the money. Her parents were loaded.

But it was nice to have money of her own. Men’s money. Sex money.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Cleo Climbs Daddy: Stepfather/Stepdaughter Sex in Public!
Let me tell you a thing or two about Cleo. She's a good girl, at heart. Or maybe she's a bad girl at heart and a good girl in practice. It's not that she particularly wants to be a virgin. She's just never had a boyfriend--never even been on a date.

Cleo's mother is extremely eager for her to lose her virginity. Why? Well, I think she resents that her daughter is smart and studious. Or maybe I'm being uncharitable. Maybe her mother just wants her girl to have some fun.

Probably wasn't the best idea to squeeze Cleo into a skin-tight dress and pack her into the car, giving instructions to Stepdaddy to drive the girl to a club downtown. No way Cleo's going clubbing, and her stepfather doesn't mind driving her around for a while.

Thing is, once Cleo's wearing this form-fitting club dress, she starts getting really turned on. It's so tight it grabs her tits like two giant hands. Her nipples could cut glass, and she's pretty sure her stepfather has noticed.

Stepdaddy and Stepdaughter end up at a lakefront path in the middle of the night. Not too many joggers out at this hour. It's now or never, for Cleo. But can the taboo pair get it on in the great outdoors... without getting caught?

Some people seem to think I’m too old to still be a virgin. Even Mama says it’s time to get my cherry popped. So whose fault is it when I turn to Daddy for my first time? He’s the only man I really trust. In fact, I trust him enough to climb him like a tree… in public! I just hope we don’t get caught!

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Monday, August 6, 2018

The GILF Next Door: 3 Sexy Stories of Experienced Older Women

3 Sexy Stories of Experienced Older Women

Meet the GILF next door! She’s hot, she’s sexy, and she’s waiting for you!

In this collection of three sexy stories (plus a secret bonus tale!), experienced older women guide innocent younger men through their first bedroom adventures. We’ve got foot worship, a 1980s porn star, a neighbour lady who sells sex for a living, and more! If you love ladies with skills in the boudoir, you’re sure to enjoy The GILF Next Door.
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Ruby Rides Daddy: Father/Daughter Sleep Sex Erotica

by Lexi Wood

Poor Ruby! Ever since her daddy started taking sleeping pills, he hasn’t had much time for her. The pastor says she’s reached a marriageable age, but the only man she wants is Daddy. One time she overheard the pastor telling a married couple it’s important to exercise their wedding tackle. Now that Mama’s run off, who will exercise Daddy’s? Ruby knows it’s wrong, but when she gets an itch down below and Daddy’s fast asleep, sometimes she does very naughty things…
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Saturday, June 23, 2018

18 Taboo Secrets Erotica Superbundle
18 Taboo Secrets Erotica Superbundle
by Lexi Wood

Girls who want it, men who shouldn’t, forbidden first times and titillating taboos! Everything you want is right here in 18 Taboo Secrets, a superbundle of erotica that’s almost too hot to handle. Satisfy your cravings for innocent young virgins, attractive older men, and girls who want to have fun. With eighteen taboo tales of stepdaddies, stepdaughters, family friends, strangers and more, you won’t be able to put this one down!

Warning: This title contains 18 titillating tales of stepfathers, stepdaughters, virgins, brats, sleep sex, schoolgirls, popped cherries, sex for money, blackmail, breeding and so much more!

Which Taboo Secrets does this erotica superbundle contain? All of these ones:
The Brat with the Broken Arm
The Brat’s Graduation Gift
The Brat Runs Home
The Brat Takes What She Wants
Camgirl Co-Ed’s First Time
Casting Couch Brat
Blueberry Brat
Good Girl’s Christmas Panties
Good Girl’s Fertile First Time
Good Girl Gets Caught
Good Girl’s Secret First Time
Trick or Brat
The Lingerie Thief
Owning the Brat
Paper Thin
Susja’s Midnight Meeting
Watching the Brat
Stuck Up

This collection is going to knock your socks off!

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