Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Taboo Smut: Good Girls, Fertile Brats, First Times and Forbidden Lust
100% Brand New Taboo Smut!

Think you’ve read these stories before? Think again! Unless you live inside the magnificently dirty mind of expert smut-writer Lexi Wood, every story in this collection will be new to you. Each taboo tale between Lexi’s filthy covers was written specifically for inclusion in this fine book.

New means NEW.

Taboo means NAUGHTY.

These girls shouldn’t be interested in forbidden men, but do older guys ever know how to make them squirm! And the men? They know they shouldn’t set their sights on sweet young things, but how can they resist? If they let down their guards just this once, can anyone really blame them?

Float your boat today with New Taboo Smut. Tell the girls Lexi sent you…

New Taboo Smut by Lexi Wood
Good Girls, Fertile Brats, First Times and Forbidden Lust

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Daddy Does It Best!
They know they shouldn’t. It’s too wrong for words! But these dirty daddies and their darling daughters can’t resist their forbidden urges. They’re ready to surrender to temptation. Are you ready to discover why Daddy Does It Best?

In this collection you’ll find the following father/daughter taboo erotica stories: Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin, Taken by Vicky’s Daddy …and Mine, and Talk Dirty To Me, Daddy!

BEWARE: This is not pseudo-incest erotica. These are stories about fathers and daughters giving in to temptation!

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Taken by Vicky’s Daddy …and Mine! #Taboo #Erotica

It was all a big mistake. Vicky wasn’t home when I showed up, but her daddy sure was. To kill time, we watched a movie together. A really sexy movie. I couldn’t help myself. I snuck off to touch myself, but Vicky’s daddy caught me. He asked me if I’d ever made love to a man. I hadn’t, of course, and I knew I shouldn’t let my best friend’s father take me, but he was so handsome. How could I resist? The last thing I expected was for my own father to catch us in the act… and help Vicky’s daddy deflower me!

Taken by Vicky’s Daddy …and Mine!
by Lexi Wood

If you're looking for daddy/daughter incest erotica that includes her best friend's father and double penetration, this is the tale for you!

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Falling for the Fertile Sitter
Falling for the Fertile Sitter
by Lexi Wood

It wasn’t my idea to bring the nanny on vacation. My unfaithful wife’s the one who suggested inviting Jessica. And when our young sitter threw her arms around me to say thank you, her enthusiasm sent me right down the road to damnation. Every time that girl called me “Mr. Reed” or asked about my day, I knew I couldn’t resist temptation. Jessica was sweet and caring and fertile to boot. As soon as we took that trip together, I would surely find a way to get her alone… if she didn’t corner me first!

This story also appears in the anthology The Secret Life of Sitters!

Here's how it all begins...

It was my wife’s idea to bring the girl along. How’s that for irony?

You always expect the woman you marry to be good with kids if she wants them—and my wife sure as hell did. We hadn’t been married six month when she begged me to knock her up. I wasn’t so sure, at first. I’d seen a few of my buddies step into the whole fatherhood role, and I’ll tell you right now: it changed them.

Changed me too. I’m glad to say, despite the crying and being tired all the time and endless piles of laundry, I wouldn’t trade fatherhood for the world.

I’m not sure Laura would say the same about motherhood. I suspect if she had to choose between her job and her kids, she’d live at the office.

Not me. My desk is littered with pictures of the critters. No matter how bad things are at work, I always look forward to coming home to that tight squeeze hello, and trying to kick off my shoes with the little ones wrapped around my legs.

And then Jessica steps out of the kitchen with a tea towel over her shoulder and a genuine smile on her face, and she asks, “How was your day?”

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

BRATS: Taboo Erotica

They talk back. They roll their eyes. They don’t show us any respect. So why do we love them? Maybe it’s the short skirts and tight tops. Maybe it’s the gleam in their eyes that promises they’ll give it up—if properly aroused. Maybe it’s the simple fact that they’re strictly forbidden! Whatever the reason, we just can’t get enough BRATS.

Satisfy your cravings today with six hot taboo tales from Lexi Wood!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Barely-Legal Babysitters: A New Collection!

Ever wonder what sitters get up to when we’re not around? Whether it’s with the man of the house, the queen of the castle, or even each other, these working girls know there’s a first time for everything. Enjoy six scandalous tales of innocence lost as you get deep inside The Secret Life of Sitters!

The Secret Life of Sitters
Six Sexy Stories of Innocence Lost

Lexi Wood
Kendra Edge
Giselle Renarde

If you're looking for inexperienced virgins falling for forbidden older men, hot MILFs and even their fellow babysitters, you KNOW you need to snag yourself a copy of this 6-story, 3-author anthology. Includes plenty of NEW fiction in addition to fan favourites!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Smut Smackdown Round Two: Daddy's Wet Little Virgin vs. Spying on the Twins

Smut Smackdown is back for another round of very taboo family sex! It's me and Giselle going in for the kill, and this time both our stories involve bodies of water. So if you like it hot and wet, read both competitors and vote for your favourite!

Giselle's Story:

Spying on the Twins
by Giselle Renarde
Family Affairs Taboo Erotica

“What’s your fascination with Jeffrey and Jane?”

That’s what my friend keeps asking about my twin cousins. But isn’t it obvious? Look at the way they smile at each other and stand so close! I’ve heard that twins have some kind of special connection, but there’s something freaky going on with these two. And I’m dying to find out what!

Intensely Taboo Erotica

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My Story:

Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin
by Lexi Wood
Daddy Does It Best!

Isabella hasn’t visited the cabin since she was just a little girl. Back then, it was Mummy and Daddy and her. Now it’s just Isabella and Daddy alone together by the lake. When temperatures rise and she tries to cool off, it’s Daddy to the rescue! But Isabella doesn’t need his help. She needs something else altogether… if only Daddy will give it to her!

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Spying on the Twins versus Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin
Read them both and vote for your favourite:

As always, mine's the best!